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Working at HSSMI | Meet New Starter Agnese Rizzato

  At the start of summer 2022, HSSMI welcomed Agnese Rizzato as an addition to our Battery Technologies team. Agnese is interested in innovation, the latest technologies and how they can help achieve net zero. She holds a Master’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Padua in Italy and, prior to […]

Working at HSSMI | HSSMI Welcomes Experienced Sustainable Manufacturing Leader Neil Hume

  Neil Hume, experienced sustainable manufacturing leader with over 30 years of experience, has recently joined HSSMI. We are thrilled to have him on board and the team looks forward to learning from his expertise as we continue to deliver cutting-edge projects across the manufacturing industry together. Neil has had an established career at Jaguar […]

New Initiative Unlocks Opportunities for European Companies to Shape a New Wave of Sustainable Economic Growth

  Is the new industrial revolution gaining momentum? Sustainability has long been a key focus of the European Union, shaping the future of production and value chains. Transitioning to a low-carbon and resource-efficient circular economy will require the implementation of new business models, advanced industrial technologies and innovation. It opens new pathways for enterprises. But […]

Advancing Solid-State Hydrogen Storage Towards Commercialisation

Image: © Opp-Stock / Adobe Stock   Existing Energy Storage Solutions and Their Limitations The current energy storage market in the UK is dominated by diesel generators, battery technology and pumped hydroelectric storage. Hydroelectric is heavily location dependent and has significant capital costs. Battery technology is dominated by lithium-ion, which has a significant demand for […]

Working at HSSMI | Meet New Starter Jess Lewis

  As one of the most recent additions to the HSSMI team, Jess Lewis joined us in May 2022 as a Technical Lead in Logistics. With nearly five years of experience in logistics, working at one the UK’s leading automotive manufacturers, HSSMI is excited to have her on board. At HSSMI, Jess will be supporting […]

Bringing Colleges, Students, and Manufacturers Together to Meet Demand for Digital and Green Skills

Image: © NDABCREATIVITY / Adobe Stock   The UK has set the ambitious objective of achieving net zero by 2050. While most UK manufacturers are aware of this target, according to MakeUK’s 2021 Green Skills Survey, businesses also remark that several challenges remain and that their workforces do not yet have the skills required to […]

HyDIME – Exploring the Feasibility of the World’s First Dual Diesel/Hydrogen Injection Ferry

  The marine sector is responsible for 3.3% of global CO2 production, with figures from the European Environment Agency (EEA) suggesting that this will rise significantly, if the marine industry does nothing to reduce its environmental impact. It is therefore critical that the sector develops and deploys new forms of low emission propulsion systems to […]