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When I first joined HSSMI 6.5 years ago, it was a very different business. We had one office, 8 employees, and a handful of customers, predominantly based in the South East and focused on the automotive industry. Since then, we have evolved to incorporate 3 offices spread across the UK (London, Birmingham and Glasgow), we now employ 52 members of staff and we are engaged with a diverse range of customers and partners across a multitude of sectors, not only in automotive, but also marine, electronics, white goods, textiles, oil & gas and food & drink.

With this evolution, it was only natural for us to revisit some fundamental questions about our business: Why do we exist? What values are driving our people and work? Where can we most make an impact? What are our key value propositions? Where do we want to be in the future? What is our ambition?

This gave us the opportunity to refresh and refocus our brand and business activities, which has led to the launch of the new logo, vision, mission and brand messaging.

From both a consultancy and an R&D perspective, we are now going to be focused on supporting manufacturers in 3 core areas, which we believe are driving decision making in this industry:

  • Accelerating the production scale up of new technologies
  • Enhancing productivity through the incorporation of manufacturing best practices and emerging digital technologies
  • Supporting the transition towards a circular economy

Enhancing our offering within these areas, we have refined and built our focus on a collection of core competencies, we call these our ‘Solution Areas’.

These represent our principle areas where we have valuable skills and capabilities, and in which we want to develop further projects and services. Why? Because these are areas where our customers and the wider market have expressed are particularly challenging, yet critical to their growth and the sustainability of the UK manufacturing sector.

Our solution areas are as follows:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Simulation – Our team of experts utilise advanced, AI driven simulation software to model and optimise manufacturing processes and support the design of future processes and facilities
  • Battery Technologies – We have garnered international acclaim for our work in the development of battery cell & pack manufacturing processes and new strategies and policies for optimising End-of-Life recovery
  • Circular Economy – We understand the nuances of implementing and operating a Circular Economy business model, and provide practical support in product, process, supply chain and systems design
  • Digital Manufacturing Tools – We support businesses to design optimal manufacturing facilities by harnessing the latest in digital technologies to create immersive experiences
  • Electric Drives – Our experts have worked with leading OEMs in the development and optimisation of scalable manufacturing lines for electric motors.
  • Hydrogen Propulsion – We possess multi-sector knowledge and skills in the development, manufacture and integration of hydrogen propulsion technologies.
  • Lean Manufacturing & Automation – We enable manufacturers to create a step change in productivity, firstly through the integration of best practice lean principles, and secondly through the integration of the latest automation technologies
  • Manufacturing Strategy – We aid our customers in making difficult, strategic decisions by arming them with the best available information. We subsequently help them to create compelling cases to realise their long-term goals

In readiness for starting 2020 with a clear strategy on how we further develop our capability, projects and services in these areas, we are working with our teams to develop a vision and roadmap for each. This will enable us to be more proactive, strategic and focused on what we want to achieve for our customers and with our R&D projects, ensuring that we seek funding for the right opportunities.

Overall, our goal is to support our new mission – to offer sustainable, practical solutions for manufacturers looking to innovate. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can help others to create their impact.

If you are interested in collaborating with us in 2020 in any of the above areas or require support and would like to discuss a potential project, we would love to hear from you. For all new R&D enquiries, please get in touch with me, David Stewart (, and for all consultancy enquiries, please contact Steve Cox (


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Written by:

David Stewart


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