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Babatunde Ogunbambi joined HSSMI’s Digital Manufacturing Tools team in February 2022. We are excited to have him on-board while he undertakes a placement as part of his studies in Project Management at Birmingham City University. Babatunde has previously worked for an architectural design firm in Nigeria but has since relocated to the UK and is looking to enter the world of manufacturing. His placement with HSSMI will provide him with exposure to some of the leading UK manufacturers and help him develop skills by working with the latest digital software.


HSSMI’s Marketing and Communications Officer Zane Mezdreija sat down with Babatunde to chat about his experience at HSSMI.


ZM: Why did you decide to join HSSMI?

BO: Over the years and as a student, I have always been more interested and concerned with innovation and sustainability, especially in the manufacturing and construction sectors. It is therefore such a great privilege and opportunity to gain experience and as well contribute to an exciting and fast-moving sustainable manufacturing consultancy company such as HSSMI. I am above all happy to be a part of the Digital Manufacturing Tools team which has given me a platform to work on different projects such as with Tevva, CO-VERSATILE, Ford digital and a host of others.


ZM: How has HSSMI and your team supported your development?

BO: My team and HSSMI have been incredibly supportive since I joined the company. From induction meeting with senior directors, HR and finance teams to knowledge sharing sessions and learning new relevant software packages, which will equally boost my knowledge and performance in the sustainable manufacturing industry. The level of inclusion is overwhelming. It feels like I have been a part of HSSMI for ages. I got involved from day one, first with the Tevva project where I was able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge I had gathered through my degrees and past work experiences. This was followed by the CO-VERSATILE project which focuses on providing solutions for manufacturers to enable rapid ramp up of medical equipment production during crises in Europe.


ZM: What do you appreciate most about working at HSSMI?

BO: At HSSMI, I am not restricted to just my team alone as I have the liberty to work and interact with people in other teams like circular economy, battery technologies, hydrogen propulsion, electric drives, and others.


ZM: What are your expectations from HSSMI?

BO: In the short term throughout the period of my internship, I hope to continue developing my project management skills and get involved with more sustainable manufacturing processes using the latest software packages.


ZM: How can working at HSSMI help your career?

BO: In the years to come, I’d love to be a true manufacturing and technology industry expert with successful end-to-end project management experience and hopefully in the HSSMI environment.


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