Introducing HSSMI’s New Battery Lifecycle Value Estimation Service

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The automotive industry is rapidly changing, and electric vehicles are becoming the new norm. For any business in the automotive supply chain, it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest developments whilst maintaining a healthy profit. This can be even more difficult if your business focus is around traction batteries, one of the highest value components within an electric vehicle.

As is the same for conventional vehicles, once an electric vehicle is no longer of use it is sent to a scrap yard to be dismantled. Following disassembly operations, components are sorted and sent for recovery either through recycling or to be sold as spare parts in the aftermarket. Automotive traction batteries will surely face a similar fate; however, they represent a challenge in that they are very complex and unsafe to work with. So, to come up with a pound value for a battery at the end of life would require in-depth analysis on a case by case basis.

To help manage this complexity, HSSMI has launched a digitally-enabled service designed to support businesses understand what value can be recovered from a specific battery design once this is no longer of use for automotive applications.

As part of an overall service offering, we would like to introduce this simplified and user-friendly web-based tool which provides an indicative value for lithium-ion batteries at three stages of the supply chain: manufacture, disassembly and recycling. The tool provides a framework for a meaningful discussion on the value you can get from a typical automotive traction battery and is based on our research and development work, advised upon and supported by Industry and delivered by our engineering team.

HSSMI works with stakeholders from each of the key areas in the battery supply chain, including organisations from product development to production and beyond end of life. Stakeholders include dismantlers, remanufacturers and companies in the energy storage sector, willing to embrace 2nd life batteries coming from the automotive sector.

As part of the work currently happening within this area, HSSMI leads the VALUABLE project which aims to create a new and complete end of life supply chain network within the UK to effectively recover the value from automotive traction batteries. As part of the programme, HSSMI is pleased to have developed this tool, supporting businesses to quantify the value of traction batteries across the supply chain.

Whether you are a manufacturer, dismantler or an organisation willing to recover end of life batteries for energy storage applications, this tool aims to support your business and its long-term strategic goals. Our engineering team is on hand to work with your organisation to understand how to get the most value from your battery packs.

HSSMI will be showcasing this new offering at The Battery Show in Stuttgart, Germany between 7 – 9 May 2019. Interested organisations that are attending are encouraged to come and visit us on the UK Pavilion stand #492 to find out more information or to receive a demonstration.


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