Update on Digital Readiness Level (DRL)

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HSSMI and its partners have developed a new version of DRL – version three. Version three is a refined development of the tool. It maintains the key characteristics of be a balance of technical, value and leadership functions.

We have adopted the term value as we feel it is important to identify a value-based system for the application of new technology – particularly important as scale-up starts to happen.

Supported by the members of the DRL Steering Group, with thanks to Steven Barr of the Manufacturer and Seb Amos of Gambica, we now have a refined set of questions and examples that will assess an organisations capability in each of the DRL competencies, there are now ten of these.

DRL is being developed on an open basis and it is the intention of HSSMI and Steering Group to make the tool as widely available as possible, to fulfil our original objectives of:

·         Creating a clear language and communication platform for digital discussion

·         Expressing the opportunity for business benefits of new digital technology and processes

·         Promoting the need for value to ensure digital in manufacturing is productive

·         Supporting resilience of manufacturing sector through the process of change that digitalisation is

·         Highlighting areas of weakness and enabling a planning platform for improvement

·         Enabling an assessment of impact of driving digital improvement

·         Providing a reference point for customers, suppliers and external stakeholders

We are now ready to start to test the tool and undertake more assessment before we further refine the tool to make it as exacting and relevant as possible.

Digital Readiness Level will uniquely assess cross links and networks of digital capability to ensure that evidence of the digital thread (McKinsey) is present. The strength of the thread is a key characteristic in adding value.

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