HSSMI partners with Oort Energy to help Industrialise their Revolutionary Green Hydrogen Production Technology

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[London, 10/08/23] – HSSMI, a leading sustainable manufacturing consultancy, is delighted to announce the kick-off of a new project with Oort Energy, a green hydrogen technology company.  


HSSMI have been selected to provide facility design services for an industrial-scale manufacturing facility to enable the scale up of Oort Energy’s cutting-edge electrolyser technology. The facility is set to be a beacon of innovation, driving the efficient and large-scale production of hydrogen electrolysers, a critical component in the transition towards clean energy. 


The production of green hydrogen through electrolysis is seen as a catalyst to the growth of the Hydrogen economy and the unlocking of the economic and environmental benefits it brings. Oort Energy’s patented electrolyser technology is considered a breakthrough in enabling the efficient generation of Hydrogen from renewable energy sources. 


This collaboration marks a major milestone in the industrialisation of green hydrogen technology and underscores the commitment of both organizations to combatting climate change and fostering a sustainable future. 


Oort Energy’s technology has already been proven out at lab scale and is being piloted through a series of field-based demonstrators. They have recently delivered their first commercial scale electrolyser to a customer in the UK, which will generate ultrapure green hydrogen from locally available renewable power. As well as delivering their first product to a UK customer, they are actively collaborating with key partners in the sector to develop new green hydrogen projects further afield, with a recent partnership agreement signed to test hydrogen production in Morocco. HSSMI’s expertise in advanced manufacturing, engineering solutions, and facility design will play a pivotal role in ensuring that Oort Energy take the next step towards production scale up and mass roll out.  


“We are immensely proud to partner with Oort Energy on this transformative project,” said Torquil Landen, Manager for Hydrogen systems at HSSMI. “This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable technology and driving innovation in the energy sector. By combining Oort Energy’s groundbreaking technology with our expertise in facility design, we aim to provide a manufacturing blueprint that not only enables Oort to scale whilst maintaining cost and quality targets, but also contributes significantly to global efforts in combating climate change.” 


Oort Energy’s Founder and CEO, Nick Van Dyke, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “HSSMI is known for its expertise in manufacturing scale up, particularly for innovative low carbon technologies where there are few open examples of best practice. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our journey to make green hydrogen accessible and cost-effective. With their support, we are confident in our ability to scale up production and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.” 


The joint effort between HSSMI and Oort Energy holds the promise of transforming the energy landscape, reducing carbon emissions, and driving economic growth through cutting-edge green technology. 


About HSSMI: HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy that works with companies to support them in increasing productivity, upscaling production, and integrating circular economy-based practices, with the ultimate goal of moving towards net zero. Since its inception in 2012, HSSMI has worked with established manufacturers, aspiring start-ups and government bodies to help accelerate the manufacture of low carbon technologies, whilst implementing sustainable manufacturing practices. 


About Oort Energy: Oort Energy is a leading pioneer in sustainable energy solutions, focusing on cutting-edge electrolyser technology for green hydrogen production. By developing groundbreaking solutions, Oort Energy aims to accelerate the global transition to clean energy and combat climate change.


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