HSSMI Techno-Economic Assessment Report for the HyDIME Project

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During the HyDIME project, HSSMI conducted a techno-economic assessment of the HyDIME system being installed in Orkney and identified potential threats of the system as well as opportunities to scale and replicate it across the UK.

The purpose of this report is to present the findings, outcomes, and insights that were generated during this work.

The methodology for carrying out the work is described, followed by the results of the environmental and economic impact assessment of the system. Potential threats of the system are addressed, and the report concludes with recommendations of where this system could be replicated and/or scaled elsewhere in the UK.

This work concluded that the HyDIME system represents a feasible stepping stone solution in the journey to decarbonise the marine industry. The HyDIME system can offer significant emission reductions (up to 43,000 kg CO2 per year) to existing vessels. This can be achieved with minimal vessel invasiveness and is significantly more economical than manufacturing as new.

The HyDIME project was also crucial in overcoming the regulatory barriers that exist in the transition to integrate hydrogen into the marine market. This project will de-risk future marine, hydrogen projects.

This work identified that the transportation of hydrogen between the point of production and consumption presents the biggest challenge for the HyDIME system being installed in Orkney. The impact of a centralised production infrastructure in Orkney was analysed and was found to provide significant emissions savings as well as solve many of the logistical problems currently faced.

As expected, the biggest barrier with developing any hydrogen technology is the cost of the fuel. Until the cost of hydrogen becomes cost partitive with marine diesel, it is difficult to foresee this system providing cost savings.

Despite the economical challenges, the HyDIME system acts as a stepping-stone project and is a positive stride in the right direction towards incorporating hydrogen as a fuel into the marine market.

Read the full report in the link here.


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Written by:

Ross Sloan


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